Now Accepting New Clients

Exciting news! Kazaneya, Inc. (風音屋) expanded its business reach to the English-speaking countries. We revolve around end-to-end support, from the development to the operation and improvement of our data infrastructure. Proficient in cloud development, including platforms like GCP and AWS, we're set apart by our exclusive community of advisors. This group comprises engineers from Google and Amazon, authors of technical books, and contributors to open-source projects—a caliber of tech expertise seldom seen in Japan and the US. Reach out to us for success in your business.
What We Can Assist With:
  • Automation of management reports and KPI monitoring.
  • Setting up data analysis environments using AWS or Google Cloud.
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation and CI/CD setup for data pipelines.
Feel free to reach out to us from below: