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Pioneering Data Analytics and Cloud Solutions.

Welcome to Kazaneya (風音屋) – your trusted partner in realizing data-driven management for businesses. Our mission is to empower 100 companies in various industries, catalyzing a new wave of growth and innovation. With our data analytics, engineering, and management expertise, we redesign business systems, transforming challenges into opportunities.


Unleashing Cloud Potential

At Kazaneya, we excel in establishing robust analytical environments on platforms like AWS and Google Cloud. Our expertise shines in constructing data pipelines using Airflow, ensuring a streamlined data flow. We are adept at employing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and setting up Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for data and analytical frameworks, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data Integrity Restored

Our services extend to implementing and managing Data Warehouses (DWH), providing a sturdy foundation for your data needs. When tackling data pipeline failures, our skilled team swiftly intervenes to resolve issues, minimizing downtime. Moreover, we offer a lifeline for unmaintainable data pipelines by taking over and reconstructing them to meet industry standards.

Insightful Reporting, Global Impact

In monitoring and reporting, we automate managerial reports and KPI monitoring, with a proven track record in handling global projects involving data from overseas subsidiaries. Our approach to structuring business growth encompasses KPI design, dashboard creation, and monthly reporting, ensuring a comprehensive overview of performance metrics.

Technical Prowess, Tailored Solutions

Our technical prowess spans various domains including, but not limited to, AWS and Google Cloud analytical environment setups, Airflow data pipeline construction, CI/CD setup and IaC for data pipelines and analytical environments, DWH implementation and operation, data pipeline failure resolution, takeover and reconstruction of unmaintainable data pipelines, and automation of managerial reports and KPI monitoring. Through these diversified services, we aim to be your trusted ally in navigating the data landscape.
We primarily use primary tools, technologies from the top three cloud vendors, and OSS.
Data Visualization(BI)Tableau, Looker, Redash, Metabase, Amazon QuickSight, Looker Studio, Power BI
Data Warehouses(DWH)Snowflake, BigQuery, Amazon Athena, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse
Data Collection & Integration(ETL)Embulk, trocco, Fivetran, Airbyte, STITCH, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, Cloud Functions, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datastream, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions
Pipeline Managementdbt (CLI / Cloud), dataform (SaaS / GCP), Digdag, Jenkins, Apache Airflow (Hosted / Amazon MVAA / Cloud Composer), AWS Step Functions

Our Team


Sho Yokoyama (CEO),

with a remarkable history in data analysis, has notably generated multi-million yen impacts optimizing ad delivery and improving store operation incentives. As a Google Cloud Champion Innovator and a Special Researcher at the University of Tokyo, he embodies a fusion of academic excellence and real-world problem-solving. His journey from prestigious firms like Recruit Holdings Co. and Mercari, Inc. to his current position after a stint at Amazon, showcases a trajectory of continual growth and adaptation to the evolving realm of data management.

Takako Ohshima (Data Engineer),

boasts a prestigious record of both academic and competitive success in the tech field. Among her accolades, she made history as the first Japanese recipient of the Women In Tech award at the AT&T Hackathon held in the United States, showcasing a blend of innovation and technical prowess that significantly appeals to clients.

And… Cross-Pacific Powerhouse of 35: Where Casual Contributions Meet Expert Engagements!

With a culture of open discourse, learning, and an exclusive advisory team of published authors, tech community leaders, and former Google and Amazon engineers, we foster a milieu of continuous growth and collaborative excellence.

Your Success, Our Track Record

Companies listed have publicly shared our collaboration through press releases, social media, or other materials, or have permitted their name to be disclosed.
  • Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.
  • Avex Inc.
  • Kurashicom Inc.
  • primeNumber Inc.
  • PitPa, Inc.

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